Complete Custom Pieces

Mary creates custom artwork pieces by brainstorming with the client about what they wish to portray. She takes into account their career history, any highlights, awards and sentimental moments that the client wishes to be reflected.

From there, she begins to sketch out a very detailed pencil drawing. Once complete, its presented to the client for review. At this point, changes can be made to the template if desired. Once the sketch is approved, no other changes can be made. The final piece takes Mary about three weeks to complete.

All custom pieces are done on 11″ x 17″ 100 lbs or greater card stock. They cost $400 + postage.

Mary requires three weeks to create. These cost $400. There will only be one of its kind. Mary brainstorms with the client to come up with a design. She then sketches the piece and presents it to ensure the client’s satisfaction. Only once approved, is there any commitment. Following the client’s approval of the sketch, no other changes can be requested.