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Mary's Bio

Mary Fielder was born in La Belle Provance (Quebec) in 1973 and is the first-born Canadian child to Maltese/German immigrant parents. She joined the Canadian Armed Forces at the age of 17 in 1991, through the support of her father who was a CAF REME Sgt. After basic training Mary was sent to the medical school in CFB Borden. From there her first posting was to 2 Field Ambulance – CFB Petawawa. While in Petawawa she deployed with 2 Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group to Bosnia as part of peacekeeping mission – Operation Palladium. For her service In Bosnia from 2003-2004 Mary received the Non-Article 5 NATO Medal for Operations in the Balkans as well as the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal. After returning to Canada Mary was briefly posted to National Defense Medical Centre – Ottawa. She was then sent to Canadian Forces Station Alert Nunavut where she received her Special Service Medal. Mary’s next posting was to 22 Wing- North Bay where she provided medical support to the North American Aerospace Defence (NORAD) garrison. In 2011, after 20 years of service, she retired from 24 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre – 8 Wing Trenton.

Mary is now actively enjoying family life in Bowmanville Ontario; freelancing as an artist from her home-based studio. She is the sole Canadian artist who specializes in the depiction of Canadian Forces military iconography. Mary works with the client to customize, tailor, illustrate, and immortalize their service career. Medals, trade badges, awards, decorations and personalized dog tags can often be seen throughout her pieces.

Mary’s work can be seen displayed in many service members homes, exhibits and businesses. In 2018, Mary won the Royal Canadian Medical Associations coin design challenge.

Mary loves to travel the world in search of inspirations to incorporate into her art and life. She has made stops in 29 countries and is looking to add more to her resume. You can follow Mary and see more of her work on her Facebook page – Army to Artist. For more information on how to display Mary’s work in your upcoming exhibit, home or business, contact me.

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